The greatest short story ever written

I just stumbled upon the radio-broadcast version of  the greatest short story ever written: “The Last Question” by Isaac Asimov. Indeed, it was Asimov’s favorite of all his stories, according to Wikipedia.

Throughout the story, different people pose the same question to a supercomputer called Multivac: How can you reverse entropy?

I’d never heard of entropy the first time I read this story as a middle-schooler, but the concept stuck in my mind ever since and helped inspire the title of the novel I’m currently writing: “Entropy’s Fury.”

My novel is more directly inspired by another Asimov story closely related to “The Last Question” called “The Last Answer.” That story is about a recently deceased, atheistic professor grappling with the existence of his eternal soul.

As intriguing as that is, “The Last Question” reigns supreme, in my mind, above all other short stories, science fiction or not. Check it out on YouTube:


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